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Air Max Elite Standards of Excellence

Air Max Basketball Program was established in August of 2008 with a clear vision to develop the skills and technical ability of basketball standards across the North Texas Region.

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Air Max Club Vision

Air Max Elite is determined to provide an unmatched basketball and social atmosphere for every participant, parent, and coach of the organization.
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Air Max Team Vision

Each year coaches, parents, and players share in developing the overall plan for the team and player. The plan includes specific goals and committing to them.
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Air Max Player Vision

We expect an attitude of “GO MAX” whatever is on the agenda. Always ready to Play Smart, Stay Aggressive, Be Consistent. This is the Air Max way.
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April 21

Lakeview Elementary 9 and 10 Girls

Practice Update

Team Training

Words From the Bench

The most important thing in good leadership is truly caring. - Dean Smith

The Air Max Way

Play Smart, Be Consistent, Stay Aggressive GO MAX